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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
Ya know, if the planet does enter into say, a 10-20 year cooling period and the temps drop significantly there will be some very serious consequences for human-kind.

It is difficult to grow food when it's cold out. Famine, disease, pestilence and massive social upheaval on scales never before imagined or experienced would be a best-case scenario.

"It will be a chilly day for Willy when the mercury goes down".
We've joked about the Mycenean warming period but remember throughout history fluctuation in the environment is the primary cause of social upheaval and the collapse of civilizations. Followed closely by religion, but I digress.

We have abundant food, plentiful natural resources and a diverse relatively peaceful coexisting society, what could possibly go wrong?
A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they never shall sit in
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