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Originally Posted by redhawk View Post
Actually,disease and pestilence would be more abundant in warming than in cooling. My culture considers winter a "healing season" because it kills many of the bad things.
Not talking about winter. Thinking of daytime highs of 40 in July.
Perhaps the most famous pandemic of all time is the Black Death. It broke out in Crimea in 1346 and soon spread across Europe. The Black Death broke out at the worst possible time. In the early 14th century the climate of the earth was growing colder. This Global cooling was disastrous. It brought famine and poverty and the population was falling even before the plague struck. However it was decimated by the Black Death.
The cool, wet weather supposedly is what resulted in the plague gaining traction so swiftly. Crowding didn't help nor did the fact that hygiene was non-existent back then either.
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