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Originally Posted by Professor Hobbit View Post
The Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum took 20,000 years to change the climate by 6 degrees. Climate scientists are predicting that level of change in a century or two.

20,000 years is enough time for entire biomes to shift thousands of miles. It's enough time for plant species to spread into new areas and be extirpated from other areas. And even then many species went extinct (although not enough to call it a true mass extinction). It's slow enough for new species to evolve to adapt to new niches.

A few decades, or centuries even, (which is what we're dealing with now) is not nearly enough time for those very slow range shifts and evolutionary adaptations to occur.
(I added the emphasis)

I posted that article in regards to the massive extinctions involved in that epic climate change event.

Regardless, if you [cherry pick] extrapolate a tiny piece of data a.k.a. the weather change from 1979-2012 and apply it forward you will get absurd predictions.

Being relatively inexperienced at science perhaps this case is different but it reminds me of the bubble. Sure it's high priced base on p/e or p/s (or the famous p/ebitda) but if you extrapolate revenue growth over the last 10 years and apply it forward 100 years, the stock is cheap.
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