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As I see it on one side you have fossil fuels and on the other side you have alternative energy sources.

With fossil fuels you get mercury, acid rain, pit mining, mountain topping, water pollution, air pollution, etc.

On the other side you have some resource extraction issues.

Look at those two lists. If you don't see a problem with our current energy supply I don't know what to say.

Also it is important to note that the early sea ice extent means nearly nothing, because much of the ice in the Arctic is thousands of years old and very thick, compared to the thin year old ice. Ice volume is a much more accurate measure of ice cap health.

This totally ignores the FACT that we are looking at faster sea level rise, temperature rise, and ice withdraw than any measurable time in the history of Earth. Its very hard to realize the length of geologic time versus the length of human time. to would take 1000s generations to live from the beginning to the end of other "sudden" geologic events (ie mass extinctions) and were seeing them in 10.
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