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Originally Posted by oruacat2 View Post
I'm done arguing about it - it won't change anything because the REAL money-grubbers in the fossil-fuel industry are so entrenched that they own our government.

But I'll say this - I'm glad I got to see some of this country's greatest national treasures before "the job creators" screw it all up for short-term profit - Glacier while there are still glaciers and the Grand Canyon before mining interests win their sought-after concessions, as but two examples.
I'm also glad I don't have kids, because I won't be the one explaining why we saw all this destruction coming and not only did nothing, we shouted-down, marginalized, and tried to destroy the reputations of the scientists who tried to warn us.
We've had a cooler-than-normal summer here in Kentucky, and that's great, but I'll bet my next paycheck that come December 31st 2013 will go down as another one of the warmer years on record, globally.
I'm done arguing it for the same reason you describe in your first sentence as it pertains to climate scientists.
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