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Originally Posted by Trail Boss View Post

Being a wildlife expert and not a screenwriter (hello JerseyHighlander!), he didn't mention anything about falling out of a raptor's jaws and gliding to a safe descent onto Whiteface's boardwalk.
Ahh comon. You've never seen a bird drop it's prey to kill it? Admittedly, far fetched for a little flying squirrel, but it could happen. (They usually carry them in their talons).

Saw a video once of a golden eagle dropping a baby goat from altitude, to smash him on the rocks so he didn't have to wrestle it once he got it to the nest. Kinda creepy when birds of prey learn that other things not being able to fly makes a good weapon.

Sat for an hour once and watched a couple flying rats (Seagulls) bringing live clams back from the mudflats, hovering and dropping them from about 20-30 feet onto a pier below. Smashed them open then dropped to eat the meat. The pier was littered with broken shells.
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