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Originally Posted by Gman View Post
I bet I've shot far more coyotes than you will ever shoot. So thanks for the invite but I doubt there is anything you can teach me.
Well then I'm puzzled as to why you'd say that there isn't much work or skill involved. Unless all the coyotes in your area got the 'dumb' gene or just haven't been educated enough by local hunters...

In my area, the coyotes know very well what us hunters are trying to do, and because of that hunting them, especially during the daytime, is very difficult. It's gotten to the point where calling during the day has very limited effectiveness. So hunters either hunt them at night or hunt with dogs. I'll wager that I've burned more calories on hound hunts than what the average person burns while hunting for deer. It can be very demanding at times, and if you don't know what you're doing, or the dogs aren't well-trained, the coyotes will run circles around you for hours before escaping into an off-limits block of woods or property. Heck, there are many times when we have all our ducks in a row and the coyote still gets the upper hand on us.

Hhmmm...maybe you need to invite me up to your neck of the woods so I can experience for myself some easy coyote hunts.
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