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"Although many have reported details about this mysterious "creature", few have actually seen it. Reports from around the world tell of thousands of mutilations of farm animals. The number of incidences of these horrors have increased, but by the time man has discovered the damage done, Chupacabra is no where to be found. Those who have seen Chupacabra report that this animal stands approximately 3 to 5 feet in height. It has fangs, quills on it's spine that can also be used as wings, red eyes and grey skin.

It has been reported that Chupacabra also has an unusual "smell" and leaves behind a stench that resembles sulfur. The main diet of this animal seems to be the Blood of the animals it attacks. The blood is literally sucked out of the animal. As a result, this creature was originally referred to as "Goat Sucker" due to it's zest for Goats in Puerto Rico, years ago."

Sounds kinda similar to your story. There's lots of info on this out there. Just Goggle it. Also, FWIW I agree with you Jason. You just never know. There is a great movie from the 70'sa that I watched over and over when it was on Showtime. It was about a group of hunters on an expedition to find BF. The movie was a mockumentary of their trip woven with other "famous" stories, including a report from Teddy Roosevelt about an encounter he had. I'll bet ole Teddy had some great sources by which to score some local vegetation!
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