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Originally Posted by yardsale View Post
We were just there three days ago, staying at a very windy 18. I have a few questions about the area.

1. Where is the old train station relative to, say site 7 where you access the Frederika trail?

2. Many of the old logs on the side of Beaver River were cut off at both ends. Was this waterway used to transport logs earlier? Other reasons why these huge logs would have been cut at each end with the central section left on the river.

3. Haven't yet learned to post photos, but we saw some bark with with regular lines of 1" diameter holes running long ways on a large downed tree. Must have been 10 lines across. What would have made such a complex wound in the tree? (Will work on learning to post photos)

4. Who lugged a 4' section of railroad rail (300lbs??) onto site 18, and more importantly, why?

5 FYI there is a nice bare ledge about 1/4 mile NE of Frederica that was a nice bushwack from the road (go up the gradual east side) with an interesting stone structure on the top. Drop down slightly from the top for best views.
The 1st time MDB and I stayed there we were on site 16, but there were no numbers back then...
Train station is about 1/2 mile N of trail to Frederica. From the ledges above, you can look down directly at the roof tops, or what's left of them.

I'm sure the Beaver River was used to transport logs, some of those square cut deadfalls were HUGE!

Photo posting is easy enough. Use a third party host (Google Photos, Flickr, etc) and a right click to copy photo location. Then it's just a couple clicks here to add a photo.

No idea about the pin holes or the rail...Zach knows his trees pretty well, maybe he knows if it was insect or bird.

I've been up on those other ledges. I couldn't convince any of the gang to head there, they all wanted views of the high peaks.

Originally Posted by Blackflie View Post
What is the collective noun for a trio of Kellys? a brew?
Teaghlaigh??? I dunno!

Originally Posted by Zach View Post
Thank you for posting the photo essay. The pictures are beautiful. I've been thinking of going to Lila and Lows next summer for my trip, and this makes it even more appealing.
I think you would really like it. You could do a loop from LTL to Lila pretty easily. The loop from Lila to Bog River has quite a bit more challenging logistics, but still can be done solo. Both would be sooo much easier with a shuttle to move your bike. Maybe one of us here could line up our schedules with you and shuttle your bike and trailer.
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