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Originally Posted by yardsale View Post
4. Who lugged a 4' section of railroad rail (300lbs??) onto site 18, and more importantly, why?

5 FYI there is a nice bare ledge about 1/4 mile NE of Frederica that was a nice bushwack from the road (go up the gradual east side) with an interesting stone structure on the top. Drop down slightly from the top for best views.
That rail section ended up at 18 a number of years ago (at least 5).
Partly my fault, I found it near the trail to the tennis courts site and pulled it out of the brush / leaves so that others could see part of the history of the area...
Why 18, you ask? That particular site tends to attract some very "interesting" groups during the height of the summer, as evidenced by ample garbage, live tree cuttings, and occasional TP flower just shy of pit privy.

There are a number of summits in the area that are still stripped bare from the fires of the turn of 20th century, so with some whackin' one can get a glimpse of different valleys and remains of what was once there.
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