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Originally Posted by adirobdack46r View Post
With what I chose for a screen name I BETTER do all 46. I felt a little guilty picking the name before completing the 46 but unless I'm stricken with an injury or illness nothing else is going to stop me and I wanted to grab the name before someone else might think of it.

It all started with my wife and I (her uncle completed the 46 in the 50s). Angie and I started out great but then we decided to start a family. Wanting to still hike but not wanting to go on ahead of her on the list I did two seasons of do-overs. That was getting old, never seeing my numbers increase. I hope with all my hearth that my wife decides to get back in to it with me, I very much enjoy our time together in the high peaks but she just is not as in to it as I am right now and at the same time I realy want my patch so she just recently gave me the OK to finish them without her. Now I am trying to make for lost time. I'm at 32 but don't plan on sitting at any one number for any length of time. I love my little son but having a family certainly changes things. In a few years I can get him started and I hope to do all 46 all over again with him by my side.
I don't think that you will have a problem with someone taking your user name-- I have never seen adirondack spelled with a b before.
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