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Originally Posted by Head View Post
Done em all + MacNaughton...Working on sledding 46 now

We should try to get together for a sled hike this winter. I've been doing sled descents for some time, and while I don't aspire to sled down all of the 46 peaks, I have compiled a short list of my favorite sled descents. Big Slide was one of my favorites. I've also gone down Nippletop (quite good from the summit to Elk Pass), Giant, Phelps, Sawteeth, and a few others I think.

Although they're not among the 46 (or even close for that matter), Hadley & Prospect are two of my favorite sled descents. I live in South Glens Falls so these are short drives, another big plus. Hadley is a great beginner sled hike and you can go a solid mile without having to get out of your sled. This is good to know in case you are trying to recruit others to your cause. Prospect is one of the best sled runs of all time (in my opinion anyway), continuously steep with some good turns thrown in here and there. The other nice thing about these two hikes is that you get a good sled time to hike time ration (unlike Allen for example).

I'm slowly building up my skills for a sled down the Trap Dike if you're game.


PS The Trap Dike was a joke, just in case the drunk smiley didn't give it away.
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