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RVNF? Boat Manufacturer?


I messes up the title, "RVFN" not RVNF

So I'm curious as to what the brand of my canoe is. I google searched, and google searched, and have come up without an answer. I bought it for $50 from a friend, and the boat is repainted with thick brush on dark green paint. I was able to sand an area to what I believe is the factory coating, which is forest green. The canoe is 14' long, is tan inside, and has wooden platform type seats, with what I call basket wooven type padding, also the seats have slots for slide in back rests....

Well I was able to decipher the serial number, but it seems as if all serial numbers start with 3 letters, but mine starts with 4...RVFN.

I searched the HID search feature on the Coast Gaurd site, and I see "RVN", not "RVFN". The RVN manufacturer went out of business in 1981, and seeing as how my serial number ends in "A89", im assuming my canoe was buit in 1989.

Anyone able to provide an info? I'd appreciate it very much.
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