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Originally Posted by Jim Lawyer View Post
According to the online tax maps for Hamilton County (which you can browse here:, the property boundary runs just west of the top of the cliff. (You can zoom in, turn on satellite view, and clearly see the cliff with the property boundaries.) This means the land in front of the cliff *and* the cliff itself are owned by the Nature Conservancy.
If you look at the available data layers on this website, you will see that several options are available for viewing property lines. The tax parcel layer seems to be the default, but it signifcantly disagrees with the UMP boundary layer, which I'm guessing is derived from the state's GIS database. This gross discrepancy suggests that one or both of the layers are highly unreliable. The UMP layer shows the state land boundary passing through the woods at the foot of the cliff.

Originally Posted by Jim Lawyer View Post
... but to know for sure, one would have to walk the property and look for boundary markings (if they're even there), ...
Isn't this what I did? My post above was from my personal direct observation of field conditions, not the analysis of second-hand information or the expression of an opinion. I climbed to the summit of the mountain and encountered no surveyed boundary lines of any kind along my route, which was a traverse of Water Barrel Mountain from the Wakely Pond trailhead.

I am not stating that there is a legal route to the foot of the cliffs, although it's possible there could be. I am stating that the top of the cliffs is indisputably on state land.
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