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Originally Posted by Creekwader
You were right, I ain't got it. I have the 1947 reprint of the 1900-1901 survey. No trace of any road near Dismal pond other than a trail from Salmon Lake to Hawk Pond.
Aw, that's alright, CW I really appreciate you & everyone trying to help me out. But- I think, I have a line on the map, here @ home and hopefully, the wheels are in motion .

PS- najobzly....maybe, you should consider getting some of your maps laminated. You'll no longer, be able to fold them, but you can roll em'. That's what I did to some of my older a 1902 Forest Commission, Adirondack map, showing state land in red/ private in white. The four different sections, combine to take up a 6' x 6' (approx) area of one of my even shows the entire lengths of the "Emilyville Rd." and "Old Military Rd.".....ha ha - ya, I know- that's only something, which "map buffs" can appreciate.
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