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Originally Posted by Bounder45 View Post
The roads are already there, and likely won't go away anytime soon as people will continue to use them for foot travel and biking and riding.
Who's gonna grade them and upkeep them every year? Who will pay for that?

Originally Posted by Bounder45
Also, why does the "forever wild" concept preclude the possibility of a hut-to-hut systems? If the huts are built with a minimal footprint and help promote tourism, what is there to complain about?
It may break the state constitution no matter how we feel about it.

Originally Posted by Bounder45
I hear so many people on here opine on how the ADK's and its communities should strive to find ways to promote tourism to enhance their economic prosperity. And yet when the state comes up with a program designed to do just that, I see a whole bunch of complaining and calls that the 'forever wild' principle is being violated.
I'd honestly like to see some hard data either way to be honest. I'm not entirely convinced plans such as this are the economic prosperity that people think it would be.

As far as I have seen neither side has really shown any hard data and comparisons that would stand up to an intellectual and academic lawmaking/policy review.

Originally Posted by Bounder45
Regardless of which classification the area gets and regardless of whether these huts are put up or not, we're getting access to a whole bunch of new lands for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, exploring, ect. So maybe people should take a break from complaining and be grateful for what they're getting.
People have a right to voice their opinions whether you or anyone else likes them or not.

Asking people to just be "grateful" and shush it is kind of close minded.

A lot of us people who spend time in the great outdoors can be both grateful and opinionated about the things are are passionate about. We really don't need to choose to do either/or. We can multitask and will.
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