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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
Who is the problem? The people? Or the equipment they carry and discard? Or their means of transportation?
The issue is what people are allowed to do in a Wilderness Area and still maintain some semblance of (ersatz) wilderness.

So really the answer is to ban people from the wilderness.
I no longer recall the question ... but I don't think that's the answer.

And I'd be perfectly fine with a "no-trailer" rule if you thought that would solve the problem of "moar".
Who me? Not offered that as a solution; I never even thought it.

The Eastern High Peaks don't need anymore of anything. Especially people.
I can support that ... but I think others eager to get in would disagree.

I'm not advocating that every area that has a truck trail allow bikes on it. But I am an advocate of what TCD said.
Which brings us back full-circle to:
As Gary points out in his guide, it would make sense to regulate biking based on the suitability of each trail.
Well, the Marcy Dam Truck Trail is a suitable cycling trail ... but its destination doesn't need a faster delivery system.

All this to say, it's not just the route's suitability for cycling but the destination's ability to handle the impact of more people delivered by an easier and faster means (15-20 minutes via bike vs 40-50 minutes on foot).

Sure seems simpler to just restrict cycling to Wild Forest Areas.
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