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The ride to the Great Camp is one of my favorites. Did it about a month ago and noticed right away they fixed up the road. Gone were the sand traps in the middle of the road.

If you're talking new additions my vote would be the Moose Pond extension. I've ridden it twice before they put up the no bike sign. First time I thought Moose Pond Campsite was heaven. Second time garbage was tossed all over the place and a tarp was under the water. I was so angry I've never been back.

I understand that the Cornell road has a right of way to give snowmobile access to Goodnow and beyond. That also is 5 miles and very rough. I dream of some day using it to bike access the Essex chain.

Lake Lila is a nice ride too. If you park in the parking lot at Little Tupper its a nice ride in to Lila.

Another favorite is into Horseshoe Lake. It's a lonely desolate ride on a paved road although last time I tried it the pavement was badly broken up.

The ride from Newcomb past Tahawus to Henderson Lake is another favorite.

And for younger legs the Blue Ridge Road to the Northway was awesome. Coming back was a different story. I did it once and swore I'd never do it again. Toughest ride I've ever done. Much tougher than Long Lake to Blue Mountain. I'd rather go up the mountain by the Adirondack Museum any day than try to do the Blue Ridge return from the Northway.
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