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Originally Posted by wiiawiwb View Post
I never said Champlain saw a BF. You need to read posts more carefully before commenting.

As far as the chimps are concerned....if you can't connect dots, I'm not going to hold your hand.
You likely do not know it but you are referencing Des Sauvages where Champlain writes of a beast called Gougou which is tall as a ship mast, considered female and lives near Chaleur Bay in New Brunswick not NY State. You are correct that it was written in 1603 however Champlain did set foot in NY State until 1609 nor was he anywhere near it before 1608.

I am not very smart so please connect the dots for me or perhaps someone else can explain what chimp fossils in Africa have to do with bigfoot in NY State.

I agree with Poconoron.
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