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Epic fails on the foraging front for me lately. Before labor day I scouted my maitake trees and locally and there was a new one sprouting, only an inch high so I left it for a few days to grow and of course someone got it. Then yesterday I went fishing/exploring in the southern adk for something to do in this late summer weather. On the way into the pond, I spied a big perfect lion's mane on a dying beech 30 yards off the trail. I went through the hobblebush with my canoe and grabbed it but then realized I didn't have a bag to put it in such that it wasn't in my backpack with the fishing stuff so I set it down beside the trail to get it on the way out. After all, I was only going to fish for a couple hours and who would venture down the trail this early in the morning and also be a mushroom hunter. 0.5 miles down the trail I found another nice lion's mane on a dead tree right next to the trail. Again I figured I'd grab it on the way out. Needless to day, both were gone when I walked out. I was peeved to say the least but it was my own doing so I guess the blame lies with me. So for those venturing out, lions mane is hot right now and I've seen plenty of honey's if you're into those (I'm not).
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