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Agree with Grey on bringing the fly rod. Wish I was more prepared. That will change for this weekend. Spent some time over the past two weekends in the f!v3 pond$ area. Water temps were in the mid to high 60's and I could see brookies hanging out 10-15 ft. Constantly on both trips saw many trout surfacing. This was pond specific though. After hitting up 7 different ponds of which 5 held trout. Only 2 of the ponds had constant rises, 1 with sporadic rises, and two that had none. The two with constant rises throughout the day were coincidentally the two ponds that held "trophy" brookies. That being fish of 16" or better. (my definition of trophy) Hoping with the warm weather over the past couple of weeks that water temps are still below 70. Likely will have to go over 2000' elevation this weekend and hope for a little breeze.
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