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When we first got to the summit of Algonquin (about 12noon) there was about 12 to 15 people. We stayed there for awhile eating lunch and listening to everyone chat on their cell phones. Then we went over to Iroquios and shared that summit with 3 other people. When we got back on Algonquin at about 2:30 there were about 25 people including a girl scout group. On our way up we were passed by 4 young boys that were heading over Algonquin and down to Lake Colden. On the way down we just kept meeting people going up with full overnight packs. I would guess they also would be heading to Lake Colden. Maybe 8 - 10 more with packs. I even made the comment that it would be crowded at Lake Colden that night.
By the way , if you go to Wright go over to the north side off the trail just before the summit and check out the plane crash. I was surprised at how much of it was still there and had not been lugged off yet.
Enjoy the hike
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