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I think all the advice here is good. I definately think I would consider some poles if I were in your shoes. You can invest $30 at EMS, and all of a sudden you are much more stable on the descents, and have a way of balancing yourself in many more sticky situations. They are also great for stream crossings.

As for your trip plans. I say go for it. Look at the map, set a goal, and just do it. If you hike more then one high peak, you will learn which ones are busy and which ones are not. The only way to get good at trip planning, and backpacking in general is to get out there.

As for conditioning. It is good that you are doing some. 1.8 miles is going to seem like a walk in the park after Algonquin. I train year round now for my 6+ trips to the mountains. I suffer durring training in order to enjoy the climbing, and last longer. 8 miles in 1 day with a pack is not a big deal.

Last piece of advice. lay out all your gear. Find at least 1 thing, and dont bring it. Just 1. If you do this everytime you go, you will learn what you really need, and really dont. (make sure its not a map or a compass).

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