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We made it! It took staying at the camping area by the waterfall overnight twice and a couple of scary reminders of what supplies we should have brought, but we made it to the peak. Today, I am now sick from the crazy temperature changes and my entire body hurts. It took us 3 hours to get from the LOJ to the camping area and then another 3 hours to get from the camping area to the peak. I think it took another 3 to get back to the camping area from the peak and then another 2 to get back to the car (almost limping and completely beat up by then). Some of those scrambles and slides were pretty crazy! It made us feel pretty out of shape when a middle-aged couple came up to the peak when we were there and told us how they got up there from the parking lot in 2 hours and expected to get back in 1.5.
Due to your recommendations, I found that the trekking poles were VERY valueable and we each bought one non-cotton "hiking" outfit at an outdoors store. You were very right about how horrible cotten clothes are. We should have had more than just one "hiking" outfit. I made sure not to sweat or get the cotten clothes wet in any way, because I knew they would not be wearable later in the night when the temperature dropped to 30 - 40 degrees.
It got pretty dark and started raining on the way down from the summit despite the forecast for no rain.. that was pretty scarey. Luckily we took what we needed, but mostly we just got lucky.. more rain and I think we would have been calling for a rescue if we could get a cellphone signal!
Thank you again for all of your help guys! I am taking a nice day off to stay home and rest up after what I can call one of the most physically demanding experiences of my life.
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