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Originally Posted by Pumpkin QAAD View Post
See them talk their way out of the front of a 12 guage will be fun.

And then you are replacing every window next fall...careful.
I am not necessarily following this... are you saying you wouldn't hold a burglar/robber until the authorities arrived?

What would you do, give them a stern talking to?

When I was a kid there were some unscrupulous characters sawing down trees right by the end of our driveway off the main road (right next to the posted sign and the state line marker). I recall my dad hopping in the truck and driving up there to see what was going on. When they saw the rifle - they took off up the road. The authorities were notified and the guys were later caught cutting trees on state land and dealt with.

They haven't been back breaking every window or cutting all the trees down.

Neither have the "kids" that were caught after breaking into our camp a few years ago.

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