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Here is a link to an online topo map browser...

What sort of boat do you have?
If you can interpret the topo maps well enough, look at the drops for various sections. Generally speaking, 5 to 10 feet per mile will be flat, up to 25 or 30 feet per mile exciting (or limiting, depending on boat and experience), over 30 feet per mile not navigable for an open canoe. Beaver dams, ledges and waterfalls are good, gradual rock gardens are not.
Even though there have been some more NYS acquisitions in the past year, some of that route passes through private lands...that's a whole 'nuther set of variables.

Immediately downstream from Henderson will not be navigable now. Between the Opalescent and Newcomb river confluences there is a nearly 2 mile stretch of 100 ft per mile gradient, below that will be OK if not too bony. I'm sure you know about the drops between Rt 28N and the Indian confluence, and the gorge...
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