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You should consider what stripperguy mentioned about the limitations of a board in rolling terrain. I snowboarded for 6 or 7 years, but never ended up with a split board. In the BC, it wasn't slogging the board uphill on snowshoes that bothered me so much, but post-holing on flats and rolling terrain on the way out, which you will run into on many ADK approaches. I eventually switched over to telemark so I could pursue the BC without some of those frustrations (although telemark admittedly has its own limitations). I now live in Alaska, and have spent plenty of time waiting on the skin track and in the trees for my split-boarding counterparts, and have stood by while they throw fits over frustratingly long flats which can be easily covered on skis.

If you have any experience or interest in skiing, you might consider looking into an A/T setup. They are lighter, more efficient and versatile, and will allow you to enjoy the up and downhill without having to transition so much, or posthole at all.

But, if you want to be really stinking awesome, and have more fun than anyone else, you should just get into telemarking.

Another suggestion would be to get an uphill pass at whiteface, if you are nearby. If you show up a couple hours before the lifts turn, you can skin up along with the dawn patrol crew there, and make some connections and gather intel. Its a great forum for getting into the sport. ADKers are more likely to show you their spots than to tell you where they are. If you get to know a couple at the mtn, you will be golden.
Good call! Definitely going to look into snagging an uphill pass for this season. I think that'll be my best bet as far as meeting fellow split boarders goes. As far as skis go, maybe I will give it a try this year. However, I have not been on a pair of skis since I was probably 14!
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