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Trail Boss, I'm not objecting to the name of the ridge. "Rocky Peak Ridge" is a perfectly good name for a ridge. The problem is that the ridge and its peak have the same name, with no way of distinguishing the two without using the ridiculous "Rocky Peak Ridge Peak".

Another way of thinking about it is to see that the name of the peak on a ridge called "Rocky Peak Ridge" should be "Rocky Peak".

When it was discovered where the true peak was on this ridge, they should have named it "West Rocky Peak", and renamed the original "Rocky Peak" to "East Rocky Peak". And left poor Rocky Peak Ridge alone.

Or they could have transferred the name "Rocky Peak" to the true peak, and left the old peak with no name at all, reasoning that it was not a peak after all and did not require a name. But this solution might not be favoured for historical reasons. And the distinctiveness of a non-official peak may still call for a name, as in Pyramid Peak on the shoulder of Gothics.

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