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It's not a "ridge and its peak". The whole shebang is called Rocky Peak Ridge.

You're making a mountain out of a molehill (couldn't resist), notably the molehill at the eastern end of Rocky Peak Ridge. The ADK HP guidebook may call it "Rocky Peak" but best of luck finding a map that identifies it as such. It doesn't appear on the USGS 7.5' Topo map nor on the map that accompanies the HP guidebook (nor a few others I know of).

Assume lore and legend is true and it was the eastern end, seen from afar, that got the name "Rocky Peak". That's nice but it's actually just one of several bumps along a shoulder (ridge) that extends west to the mountain's true summit. That mountain being Rocky Peak Ridge, a name that embodies the mountain's salient characteristic, a ridge with rocky peaks.

As to what makes a peak sufficiently "distinctive" to merit a name ... best of luck finding an answer to that. Undoubtedly, local usage plays a big role ... and the lobbying efforts to make the name official and visible on a government-issue map. It took a long, long time (and much effort) to change East Dix to Grace Peak.
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