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Here's an even baker's dozen in no particular order:

Tanglefoot/Captured Alive or any other TF album)
Loreena McKennitt (Parallel Dreams, or any other LM album)
Alisa Jones (Irish Dreams)
Two Steps from Hell/ Thomas Bergersen/ Archangel (or any other TSFH album)
Andy M. Stewart/Silly Wizard (celtic, Wild and Beautiful or any SW album)
Cantiga/New World Renaissance Band & Owain Phyfe)
Deanta (Ready for the Storm)
Kerry Muzzy (Palladio)
Kornog (Premiere)
Marc Streitenfeld (Robinhood)
Night Heron Consort (Crossing the Waters)
Vivaldi (The Four Seasons)
Yggdrasil/fehu (Wardruna)

Not to be forgotten from younger days:
Moody Blues (any album)
Bosstown (Boston) sounds of:
Ultimate Spinach
Beacon Street Union

Of course there are many others, of similar genres.
Understand my favorite selections and you will know me.
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