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I have dozen chestnuts that a friend of mine gave me. They are from a tree on his property in Livingston County. I am starting them this winter (along with some tree peony seeds) and hope that I can raise a few trees from them. I have seen the trees he owns. There are two of them. They seem to to quite healthy and are producing chestnuts every year.
The seedling trees that I bought from the chestnut foundation have not done too well. Critters ate a couple of them (deer, rabbits), a couple of them simply died, I weedwhacked one (not too happy about that) and my neighbor (obsessive compulsive trimmer/pruner) chopped one down the same day she devastated my Hazzlenut bush. There are two trees left....I hope at least one of them survives. They are beautiful trees.
I recently bought an American Chestnut board from an acquaintance in Canada....I paid the long loonie for it. The EH Gerrish canoe I have in queue has chestnut decks, seats and thwarts. One of the thwarts is not original (it's oak) so I'll use the board to make a replacement. I'm glad I was able to find wood. My backup plan was to buy an old dresser at an auction and turn it into boards.
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