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I am not entirely comfortable with the "lifetime Warranty" approach. I think of the lifetime as the expected lifetime of use of the product, not the lifetime of the owner.
I usually expect there to be a transfer of goodwill between the shop and the customer. If the product demonstrated failure within a few years, or even 10 years, then yes, you have a good case of a dissatisfied customer, but you really need a bg set of cahoons to walk in there with a tent from 1989 and tell them that you are finally not satisfied with the product.

here's a thought, though - If you paid $200 back in '89, then amortized it is $10/year. pretty cheap. Take it back and explain you were happy with this tent up until recently and obviously since you are a long-time Bean customer - can they give you any additional discount on a new tent - you don't look like you are trying to take advantage and your showing you want to remain a repeat customer....

As for the Granger's tent waterproofing - that is silicon spray which provides repellency, not a coating that provides waterproofing - it acts like an anti-surfactant and increases surface tension so that water beads up and rolls off. However, these products usually wash off fairly quickly (ask anybody with a waterproof breathable jacket that "wets out" every time it rains...)
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