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Plenty 'o critters in the mountains. I've heard people complain about not seeing stuff... mostly older folks on day trips. meh. You gotta get out there, and be out a lot, then your chances go up. Every time I've seen something interesting has been when I wasn't looking... just happened. Sucked because I didn't get a photo, but was also good at the same time because I just observed with my eyes and not a machine. It's also usually more memorable.

I've seen bears at a dump and at the zoo, but it's different when you see a critter in it's element.

If you really want to get shots of them, best be like a hunter. Look for signs, then sit and wait... or else just do what you do and you'll see some eventually... there's lots of land and they are pretty aware of us - plus most carnivores get more active at dusk. I usually hear them before I see them. Curious bobcats, coyotes, bears, etc... they're around, more than you might think or want to know
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