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I am a cyclist that was hit, although it was not in the Adirondacks.
It's been 30 years this past April Fool's Day (Ha ha ha) since I was hit from behind by an inattentive driver, right next to the Albany airport. Skies and roads were clear, road was straight with little traffic, I was riding far right, almost on the lane marking paint. I was commuting home from work, same as I had for 3 years prior, I was in prime physical condition. It's amazing how quickly the mind can react...I knew I was being hit, even before I hit the ground. I had my lower left leg snapped in half, with severe tissue damage. Right leg was also fractured, as well as my pelvis, several ribs, and left elbow.
I can still remember the feeling of my bike being twisted out from under me. A month in the hospital, several surgeries, a couple skin grafts, 3 months later I could walk, sort of. 6 months later and I was back to work, having lost 30 lbs of muscle and some bone.

I still ride a bicycle on the road, and I used to commute as well. The 1st few years were difficult, not from a physical point, but the mental aspect was particularly traumatizing.
In years subsequent to the accident, I pedaled many lone and organized rides, including a dozen or so century rides. All of the group rides were filled with respectful riders, singling out as cars approached. You could hear the calls coming from the bike pack "car back, car back" as the warning was relayed forward.
Riding even two abreast when being overtaken is just foolish, three or four is asking to start trouble, or inviting injury (maybe a lifelong injury).

Adirondack rides can be great, the roads are generally lightly traveled, and major roads have wide shoulders. Keep an ear on alert for vehicles from behind, and err on the side of caution. Be especially cautious in the tourist trap towns, as drivers will likely being more attentive to their whining children or the next spot for gas.
And most importantly, enjoy life! Every minute is precious.
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