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As far as a freeze dryer I do not have experience, but what little research I have done has resulted in expensive units.

I second what crkmeup stated about dehydrating. I mostly take left overs as well and dehydrate those. It is much tastier and not as sodium ridden as the store bought brands of freeze dried food. Once in the bags, I store them in my freezer for longer shelf life.

I also make my own jerky and you can also dehydrate your own herbs etc. During the colder months I use it to bring my bread dough to temp while it rises. I also like to take leftover garlic bread, dehydrate that into little croutons and bring those with me on trips to mix in with my meals to give them a little crunch. They go great with chili as well as spaghetti and meatballs.

I have a 9 drawer Excalibur and I love it. It has a timer and a thermostat. If you decide to make the investment, I highly suggest you get one with thermostatic control. It is much more versatile.
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