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You're not going to find any place to camp "just down the trail" on the way into Owen or Copperas Ponds- the trails climb steeply and there's dense undergrowth. Copperas isn't a far walk in, either, and the walk is worth it- it's a nice place to camp. In addition to the lean-to, there is a nice designated tent site around on the south side of the pond. If you're looking for easy, legal primitive camping in this area, I'd say that this is probably your best bet.

I've never been able to get a satisfactory answer as to whether the tent site at Owen Pond is legal or not- I swear I've seen "No Camping" signs there in the past, but the past few times I've been there it's been unmarked either way.

There is an old road that leads up the west side of the outlet of Holcomb Pond, before turning east and disappearing into the swamps alongside that same outlet. You might be able to find a primitive site up in here, but again, my memory of this area is that the forests are thick. (The intrepid bushwhacker can pick up the same old road on the far side of the swamps and follow it for several miles before it fades out not far from North Notch.)
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