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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
If you google Fraxinus and Acer sacharum and look at the bark you'll see they can be fairly similar. I thought #3 was Fraxinus too but now I'm not so sure. There is only one Tsuga in the lot AFAIK.

I thought #1 was most likely an Acer rubrum (Red Maple). I had some help from leaves on the ground. :-)

There are two Hemlocks.
Only one Tsuga but two hemlocks?

I don't think any of those are maples. Sugar maple can become furrowed with age but it is never that regular. And sugar maple would be unusual to find at a higher elevation on a mountain. Red maple never gets that deeply furrowed.

White ash leaves tend to decompose quickly and aren't visible by spring.

Did you happen to take any photos of the branches? With a clear photo, it would be pretty clear from a glance whether they were ashes or maples.

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