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Originally Posted by timberghost View Post
I don't blame you, since you rarely if ever see SFRs, especially when you need them to deal with a problem you have.
However, you have to realize that law enforcement is the primary function of ECOs and not all SFRs are ECOs. Further, all SFRs are stretched so thin that handling a complaint from a Forester on an easement (likely in the middle of nowhere) probably does not make the top priority list.
Unfortunately, these days Rangers rarely make it beyond the end of that top priority list...
For a decade we’ve been told by the DEC that on easement lands, outside of a wildlife violation, the FR.’s are the principle law enforcement agency we have to deal with. If they are in fact spread so thin, and easement land is not top priority, maybe the state should stop entering in these conservation easement agreements ? since NYS has trouble living up to their side of the agreements ?
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