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Originally Posted by Terasec View Post
I pay over $300 a year in various fees/permits/tags/licenses
Not exactly something for nothing
How much more do you think i should pay to enjoy the outdoors?
Yes, but you're only paying that much if you're involved in hunting/trapping or fishing or both. Hunters and anglers pay their way in this state and provide a large portion of the funding for state conservation efforts. Most people going on a random day hike in the ADK's pay little to nothing towards state conservation.

I don't like the idea of having to pay to use state land, but with the ever increasing foot traffic in some areas, and the corresponding erosion and rescue issues, some land use fees may come around sooner or later.

Originally Posted by timberghost View Post
If that wasn't true, would we have the country we live in today?

The problem with fees and taxes is that they go to the bureaucrats who choose how to spend it... and if you've read the Times recently you'd almost certainly think you could get more for your hard earned buck.

It's not just the money, it's also priorities in albany and having reasonable assurance that money raised will go toward the intended purpose.
Take the bottle and can deposit, which was supposed to go to EPF but only ~23M out of ~123M (IIRC) goes in EPF the rest is 'general' revenue...
That's a "problem" with a simple fix. NY (in fact all state) hunting and fishing fees, by law have to go towards state conservation efforts (studies, ECO/Ranger salaries, research, land work, ect.). In the same way that taxes on firearms, ammo and other camping supplies have to go towards state and federal conservation efforts (pittman robertson act). And many of those laws were written in decades ago, when corruption and state fiscal problems were quite common.

I don't know about paying for permits to use any state land, but paying for a permit to camp or hike in high-traffic areas (e.g. certain High Peaks trails) could be a way to deal with the increasing foot traffic in that area.
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