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Like her or not, she was one of the first women to relate those kind of experiences in a way that captivated many people, she's a local icon.
Absolutely Happy Camper, I don't mean to take that away from her. I just felt that I got the feeling that she was a little full of herself by the fourth book. I still have the utmost respect for her, and she did in fact inspire me. Very often when we accomplish something new or exciting while we are camping or hiking, my husband calls me his woodswoman and I always take it as a complement.

Are all of us friendly all the Time?
Another good point Dowser. I must admit one of the reasons we love camping and spending time in the Adirondacks is that we hate crowds and enjoy the solitude. We joke about wanting to run away and become hermits. So maybe part of me is jealous, lol.

So I hope no one took my post to be entirely hateful or anything. I guess I just had her on too big of a pedistal at first and then felt a little let down.
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