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Originally Posted by Patch View Post
Thanks for the info guys! Also i read somewhere about a possible bushwack on swede to avoid posted lands?
That might have been my post where I speculated the same thing. The summit is just barely on private property, though. Legally, you could bushwhack from the south to within a few hundred feet of the summit, but that's as close as you could get.

I would encourage you not to try to push the boundaries with the closed/inaccessible fire towers. When people start trespassing to get to them and/or climbing the ones that have had the stairs removed (and especially when they advocate doing so on a public message board), they risk ruining the chances of having those towers re-opened to legal public access again in the future.

There's also a fire tower on Mt. Beacon in the Hudson Highlands, and that one I believe is open to the public (the tower itself was recently restored). The Breakneck Ridge ascent up Mt. Beacon from the Hudson River is hands down one of the most spectacular hikes in NY State.
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