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Originally Posted by dundee View Post
You may be right, but I've heard from very informed sources that Fall Stream IS a legal site, just not marked yet. If anyone wants to stay there, best to check with the local ranger.

Icehouse Landing on Cedar River Flow is another one. It's listed on the maps and in the UMP, but there are no "camp here" discs.

Just checked on the DEC map, Fall Stream and Jessup ARE designated.
Unfortunately, I don't think that map is accurate. It seems they just took the same GIS shapefile that appears on the SLIM and used that to generate the map. And that information in turn was taken from the APA databases, and is many areas an "inventory of campsites in existence," not a list of officially designated sites.

EDIT: Take a look at the rest of that map. It shows other errors that also appear on the SLIM. A designated campsite on the north shore of Mud Lake? I've spent a significant amount of time back there and never even saw an established site there, let alone anything to designate. A designated site on the Sucker Brook Trail? The same trail that is currently abandoned? Not to mention the site at West Lake, which I assume means the clearing where the Ranger Station once stood, because there's no other established campsites there. That's definitely not a designated site, either. A marked and maintained trail to Horn Lake? With designated sites on it? Anyone who's hiked that trail in the past 15 years knows that to show it on a map as a maintained trail is laughable. Showing the old portage trails between Pillsbury, Whitney, and Cedar Lakes as maintained trails? I know that they get some informal maintenance but they definitely aren't even close to the same class of trail as the NPT or the French Louie Loop in terms of how easy they are to follow.

The map is also missing 2 of the 4 actually designated sites at Cedar Lakes.

It's pretty clear that they just took the old, outdated, and incorrect GIS information that they had on hand, used it to make a map, said "good enough" and pushed it through to be published on the website. Ergo, the fact that this map shows sites at Fall Stream and the Jessup River can't be taken as proof that there those sites are indeed meant to be designated sites.

EDIT 2: Also, they misspelled "Inset" as "Inlet."

EDIT 3: Actually, they didn't misspell it... the arrow is pointing towards the town of Inlet but appears also to be pointing towards the inset.

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