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Originally Posted by snapper View Post
Just a clarification; I'm well aware of the 150' rule for establishing a site but I know there are lots of folks out there who look at a website, take their phone and go from there. It's more those folks that I wonder about. That being said, I've encountered situations where some rangers are OK with tents right alongside a lean-to where others aren't. I would hope, for the uneducated, that if they have a conversation (not a shouting match) with a Ranger that they'd be given the chance to move their site without receiving a fine.

Until next well.

never heard of regs stating cant have tents near leanto's
even looking now only see stipulation that leanto's must be shared,
no mention of tent rule
regardless in such scenerios comes down to discretion of the ranger at the time,
right or wrong its his call,
being a jerk does not help him decide in your favor
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