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Originally Posted by cf06adk View Post
The worst is going to be the weather. Even if you love skiing/snowmobiling and all of that, it gets to a point where you just want to be able to go outside without wearing 5 layers of clothing. The constant feeling of being cold gets old around February. DST helps, but even in the southern adirondacks it is a good 10 degrees colder than Albany at all times. And then there's that wind...

Technology helps to stay connected, but social interaction is important, especially during the winter months. Keep busy and avoid cabin fever.

There's going to be stores to get groceries and those kind of items. Order what you can online. I've never understood why people make trips to WalMart to save money. It costs 54 cents a mile to drive an average car when factoring in all expenses, so you're really not saving much by making that extra trip.
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