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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
Big Tupper limited itself.

Lack of natural snow. Lack of terrain. Better skiing an hour away. Plus it costs a fortune to operate a ski area. Even harder to do and make any money.

Big Tupper's fate was sealed like many other ski areas that have died in NY. The area can only support so many.

To say there aren't successful medium sized businesses in the park is ludicrous. There just needs to be a market. If anything the APA has protected the small businesses against the influx of corporate America. If the APA didn't have the restrictions it did we'd see the populated areas of the park looking like suburban anywhere else. Lake Placid is almost already there - not sure how they get away with it... Lake George would be and you clearly see the line where you go from big chain stuff to small business as you cross the line from Queensbury to LG.
Mt Morris (Big Tupper Ski Area) has the terrain and could have been competitive if only the APA had approved their plans for controlled development. Snowmaking, residences on the lower mountain.
May I add that the development of Tupper would have put them in direct competition of Gore and Whiteface. State owned ski areas.

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