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Originally Posted by lisainthewoods View Post
Thanks for the info that sound like it would work well for a canoe , we have sit in single person kayaks. We have had them for years and although we both have gotten really good at getting in and out, it can be a little unnerving thinking you could end up in that mucky beaver pond in an instant!
My Darling Bride paddled a sit in kayak for years...her biggest challenge was the in and out at beaver dams and deadfalls. The best solution we found was for me to go first, in my solo canoe, climb onto the dam, and then steady her exit and re-entry.
Now, if you both have sit in kayaks that becomes a bit of a logistical challenge.
You'll need to contact me at least a day in advance with your itinerary so I can meet you at each beaver dam and deadfall!!

Seriously, you'll likely need to pull alongside an obstruction, and use your paddle to brace from boat to whatever. Some kayaks have very snug fitting cockpits, some are larger and you can at least get your knees up from under the deck. MDB swamped her snug fitting kayak many times at beaver dams. Ultimately, that's half of the reason that MDB switched to a pack boat.
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