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Stay in the kayak technique:
This takes a bit of planning ahead, I really like my nice $$$ kayak paddle and do not use it as a pole or pry bar. I cut two 3 & 1/2 foot poles or limbs about an inch and a 1/4 in diameter. I paddle straight into the dam, stow my paddle and pole with my precut poles on both sides of the kayak in unison. Plastic kayaks are slippery enough that I can fairly easily "climb" 2 foot high dams. I have a 9 foot high volume WW kayak that I take week long trips in and even loaded I can climb the dams but is does take a bit more time. And the technique seems to work fine with my two place 14 foot kayak, but I’m usually padding with a child and that extra 55 lbs + camping gear does make it very difficult. The 14 footer has an open cockpit so it’s easy to hop out of and drag up and over leaving the grandchild in the boat.
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