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There's a trail between ~Mud Lake (northwest of Vly) and Fawn Lake. I've walked some of it. You have to whack a bit to pick it up from Mud lake.

I'm not sure where you'd put in from Fawn to Sacandaga, but there has to be a spot. I'm just not aware of one.

Rec route would be from Piseco to Fall to Vly to Mud to Fawn to Sacandaga or vice versa.

There's a short carry from Piseco to get into Fall Stream (some rapids) then a long carry to Fawn and a medium carry to Sacandaga. You could use DEC campgrounds as start and end points i.e. Sand Point or Poplar Point and Moffitt Beach.

I've done most of this trip in parts except for the carry to Fawn from Mud (which could be horrible, or not so bad) and launching in Sacandaga from Fawn Lake Rd.

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