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Originally Posted by bluequill View Post
Sorry to hear of your experience. Lila is a special place and I fell in love with it years ago......not so much recently.

The state, towns and periodicals are going to publicize this place to death.
No fireworks two weekends ago, but the parking lot was packed to the gills. I got the 2nd to last spot and then three more cars pulled in within the next 10 minutes. Sunday was peaceful and by Tuesday morning there were only 8-10 cars there.

However, after touring some of the camp sites, I think it's probably time to shut down some of the island sites and make them day use only - no fires. A couple in particular are mowed right down and the forest floor looks like something out of The Lorax with a handful of fresh cuts. Which is especially silly since a short paddle will take many a camper near the access road where there are tons of blowdowns and cleared trees available for trimming off some firewood.
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