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Originally Posted by jam66 View Post
After a string of very memorable trips to Lake Lila over the last 20 plus years, I just returned from one I would like to forget. I knew that sooner or later this gem would be found by the most undesirable “campers”. The one night we we awakened by the sounds of fireworks, M80s?( large and small) which continued until almost 2 AM. The following morning they were giving each other wake up calls with smaller firecrackers. Speaking with other campers, this went on for 3 nights. One couple that had been tripping there for 25 years was forced to leave. From what I gather , a Ranger finally read them the riot act. The sad part is that resources had to be pulled from a missing persons search in the area to scold these children.
I probably will get s lot of flack for this but anytime there is public access to anywhere you invite this kind. I am not in favor of the state continuing to buy up this pristine properties but leaving it in private hands until they come up with the resources to deal with it.
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